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Five Tips for Apartment Dogs
February 21st, 2012
Do you live in an apartment?  More apartments are allowing dogs.  The following are five tips for dog owners before and after you bring your pet into an apartment (courtesy of

1) Check the rules. Before bringing a new dog home, make sure you know your apartment complex’s rules regarding size, breed, pet rent/deposits, etc.  Don't assume fido is allowed to live with you there.

2) Let your neighbors know about your new best friend. There are two good reasons for this. First, if you are bringing home a puppy, you might want to warn your neighbors that there will be some crying the first couple nights while your pup gets adjusted. This courtesy will be appreciated by your neighbors.

3) Pet Identification is essential. Having more than one type of identification is even better. Pet ID Tags are great; anyone can read the number and call you.  Best bet?  Chip your dog.  He won't feel a thing and you will be protected!

4) Poop bags – never leave home without them. Even pet friendly apartment complexes expect you to clean up after your pet and most cities have ordinances or laws against not doing so.

5) If you work all day, give Fido a place to play. Hiring a dog walker, sitter, or dropping him off at a doggie daycare gives him a chance to play, socialize, and even be trained while you’re at work. You can also leave him with a treat toy or other mind-stimulating toy, to keep him occupied while you’re gone. Remember, a bored dog is a destructive dog.