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June 25th, 2011

The following article is courtesy of Pet Sitters International...

June is National Disaster Preparedness Month for Animals

The first five months of 2011 have brought much destruction; including tornados, floods and fires in the United States and the devastating tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan. Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere and can take many different forms.
In the event of a disaster, preparation can save lives—yours and the pets in your care. Creating a disaster plan is a proactive way to ensure that you, your pets and clients' pets are safe.

The following eight tips will help pet owners prepare for a disaster.

1. Understand the possibilities. Recognize the different types of natural and man-made disasters that can occur in your area and know how to effectively plan for them.

2. Make decisions early. Different disasters require different courses of action. The sooner you create a disaster plan, ...   Read more...