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October 29th, 2016
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By Tom Jacobs

Do you dread leaving your dog home alone? Do you come back from dinner and a show to find chewed-up shoes, or foul-smelling puddles on your kitchen floor?

If so, a newly published study suggests the blame may not lay entirely with Fido. Rather, this sort of acting out may be a symptom of a problematic relationship.

Yours and his.

Researchers from Hungary and Germany argue that the tendency to avoid close attachments to others—a personality trait that is a common source of friction within families—sometimes extends to one’s canine companion. Owners who keep their emotional distance “are less responsive to the dog’s needs,” they write in the journal PLoS One, and the animal—not unlike a neglected child—fails to develop the sense of security that keeps him calm in times of stress.

Hence the howling your ...  
September 8th, 2016
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Natural medicines and alternative therapies are becoming more and more popular, both for people and pets. As people discover the risks often associated with prescription medications, they shy away and seek out more natural alternatives. This option also helps with minor illness and injuries at home, when shucking out the big bucks to sit in a waiting room just doesn’t seem worth it.

Even many veterinarians are now turning to holistic health, which entails evaluating the pet’s overall health when something seems amiss, instead of addressing individual symptoms. Holistic vets are encouraging better diet and more exercise to help prevent some of the most debilitating diseases in pets like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. There are a variety of techniques and therapies used in holistic health including acupressure, aromatherapy, chiropractic, herbs, massage, and nutrition that can be applied to pets.
July 21st, 2016
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By Dr. Becker

According to the results of a recent study, your dog is communicating with his canine friends (and foes) using his eyes alone. And in fact, some of his facial features may be designed specifically for that purpose, including the coloring around his eyes, the shape of the eyes, and the color and shape of the iris and pupil. These are all elements of the canine eye-based communication system.

Gray Wolves Adapted Gaze Signals to Help Them Hunt in Packs

Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology at Kyoto University in Japan compared 25 different types of canines and separated them into 3 groups based on their facial coloration and gaze:

  • Group A… species with clearly visible pupils ...   Read more...
July 4th, 2016
It's hard to believe it, but we've been blogging online for more than FIVE years now and we recently celebrated our five-year anniversary of pet sitting, back in May. The entire Paw Minders Plus family would like to wish everyone a SAFE and Happy 4th of July! Remember, most animals don't like fireworks. The lights and loud sounds can scare them. BE CAREFUL with them around your animals. Our two little ones will be staying at home when we take in the fireworks shows around Henderson this 4th. We love the shows, but know they don't. Anyway, enjoy the fun that comes with the 4th and we'll return later this month with more tips and articles on animal care! In the meantime, click the link below to check out the fireworks show at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, FL. Taped in 2014.   Read more...
June 16th, 2016
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Take heart feline enthusiasts. Your cat’s continued indifference toward her new Deluxe Scratch DJ Deck may be disappointing, but there is an object that’s pretty much guaranteed to pique her interest. That object, as the Internet has so thoroughly documented, is a box. Any box, really. Big boxes, small boxes, irregularly shaped boxes—it doesn’t matter. Place one on the ground, a chair, or a bookshelf and watch as Admiral Snuggles quickly commandeers it.

So what are we to make of the strange gravitational pull that empty Amazon packaging exerts on Felis sylvestris catus? Like many other really weird things cats do, science hasn’t fully cracked this particular feline mystery. There’s the obvious predation advantage a box affords: Cats are ambush predators, and boxes provide great hiding places to stalk prey from (and retreat to). But there’s clearly more going on here.

May 22nd, 2016
I'd like to wish my wife of nearly 25 years a very Happy Birthday today!  This month is not only her birthday month, but May of 2016 is also our 5th Annibersary of the birth of Paw Minders Plus!  Yes, we've been taking care of animals for our clients for a FULL FIVE YEARS now!  

Mike Nazarek
April 16th, 2016

However well-intentioned, every time cat owners or guardians allow their felines to go outside, alone and unprotected, they are putting that animal and others at risk.

The Marin Humane Society (MHS) and others struggle to keep up with the cat-related calls, issues and needs. MHS cares for hundreds of cats on any given day. The cat population at our Novato campus consists of lost or stray cats without any form of identification, cats surrendered to us by their previous owner or guardian, and cats transferred in from overcrowded shelters throughout California. MHS also takes numerous lost cat reports in hopes we can help make reunions happen quickly.

Across the country, wildlife rehabilitators and bird protection organizations are discouraged by the number of small birds and other wildlife that are injured or killed by house cats that are allowed ...   Read more...